Ananta Roosens


Ananta Roosens & Kaito Winse

Kaito Winse [Burkina Faso] – flute, voice, arc à bouche, percussion

Ananta Roosens – violin, stuff & voice

Many cultures honour the traditions of their ancestors, also the griots in Burkina Faso give voice to their souls through music. In the West we have forgotten this partly. The history of Ananta’s violin on the other hand, goes back to her great-grandfather and the more she gets to know about it, the more she feels the magic of it.

We connect with the timelessness of our existence through the earthly material. 

With this fascinating fact Kaito and Ananta go on a deeper research and they discover many similarities from both worlds, and the force that is coming through this is a universal connection between the past, the present and the future, and it is no result of a sum but rather a synergy of its square.

With the fascinating personality of Kaito Winse and his complete musical being, he interpretes the soul power and wisdom of his ancestors and their nature. From bird-choir-soloist to snow flood initiator on solar energy, he sings, whistles, drums and dances on the rhythms of mother Earth, always in the color of the environment and going along with the river…

Ananta Roosens is always searching for the untouched sounds from the unconcious mind that came onto her path but with whom she had never done anything. It is only when we listen to our heart that we hear her.

Ananta breaks out of her comfort zone, a ‘tabula rasa’ of her musical orientation. With violins, her vocal cords and some household wares she goes on an unexpected journey with her familiar instruments towards the unknown, and she likes to invite soulmates with a similar urge for freedom and sharing to walk together on this path to the unknown.

pic by Istar Karamemet
picture by Istar Karamemet