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Studio Eclipse new creation ‘Veni Vidi Venus’

Filed in News | Posted by Ananta on January 16, 2017

dance company Studio Eclipse is making a new performance.

Dance & music by Satya & Ananta Roosens.

This multidisciplinary performance is a journey through time and space where ‘Here and now’ seems to be an endless game with the universe as their playground. The Suns and celestial bodies are inserted randomly creating a universe for their journey. They travel in a ‘time lapse’ evolution of a planet and its habitants, showing how human development determines its own future from within our minds.

With each step in this unknown sisters Satya and Ananta seek some answers from the galaxy. They come from the same planet and have grown in the same belly. Theirs is a performance about the truth of eternity. With music and dance as their tools they explore each other’s influences. Movement is sound. Sound is movement. Rhythm is their world and rhythm makes the dance.

The art of Satya and Ananta is an ode to our worldly lives lived outside our familiar cosmos.

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